Mayflower Brewing Co.

Beer was the staple drink on board the Mayflower. Unlike water, which quickly spoiled when stored in the hold of ships, beer contained no bacteria, and the then-recent introduction of hops made it keep longer. It was also a terrific source of carbohydrates. Men, women and children drank beer daily, and sailors aboard the Mayflower received a daily ration of a gallon.
Almost 400 years later, there is still some great beer being made in Plymouth by our friends at Mayflower Brewing. They’ll be doing our “Chill and Grill” on Friday, July 11 and will feature “Hop Chef” winner Johnny Sheehan of New World Tavern on the grill. They make some terrific beers and for that reason, we’re featuring them as our “Beer of the Week”.

Pale Ale –
Traditional English pale ales have mild malt character and aroma offset by pronounced hop bitterness. Mayflower Pale Ale is a dry version of this classic beer style. Its bready and toasted malt flavor is balanced by earthy and herbal aromas from two varieties of traditional English and American-grown hops.

Golden Ale – Mayflower Golden Ale is crisp and dry with a slight malt flavor and a subtle hop spice. This straw-colored ale offers easy drinkability for the novice yet plenty of flavor for the discriminating connoisseur.

India Pale Ale – As the British Empire expanded, English brewers added extra hops to keep beer fresh for increasingly long sea voyages. Mayflower IPA balances a powerful hop profile with full malt flavor to create a smooth brew with well-rounded bitterness. Four varieties of American hops lend a delightful piney flavor and fruity aroma.

Porter – Mayflower Porter is a rich, complex brew that is smooth and full-flavored. Five varieties of malted barley provide notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of smokiness.

Summer Rye Ale – Mayflower Summer Rye Ale is the ultimate summer session beer. Brewed with pilsner, rye, and wheat malts and plenty of American hops, this beer is dry and spicy with mild and fruity bitterness.