rocky patel

Rocky Patel The Edge

The Edge came out in 2004 and to our shelves a few months ago. They were our biggest sellers over the holidays.

I’m still not sure of the entire makeup (there’s a mystery in the binder according to the company) but the wrapper is oily and dark and unbanded – alluring to say the least. Rocky Patel makes some great cigars and we’ve had lots of requests but we only have limited space. We could only choose one. This was the one.

From a Stogie Guys review:

“The cigar is advertised as a full-bodied, make-you-weak-in-the-knees experience, and the first few inches certainly deliver. I found lots of peppercorn and what can be described as a bitter black coffee flavor. The thick smoke has lots of texture with a hearty, biting aftertaste.

The last four inches are very similar in taste, if not a bit more mellow. It took me an average of about 100 minutes each to smoke three Toros, and I found even burns, clear draws, and solid gray ashes across the board.”

This is a great smoke but the best part is the reasonable price. Come give them a try. Spring is almost here and that will mean smoking weather. Be ready and stock up now. We have a “buy three get one free” box that samples the Maduro, Sumatra, Corojo and natural versions of this tasty smoke.