Saint Cloud Cask Strength Bourbon

Extremely Rare

Cask Strength

115 Proof

Kentucky Bourbon at it’s Finest

Bottled 01-20-20

Bottle #2192

Cask Strength Kentucky Bourbon Refined

Saint Cloud is a Kentucky Bourbon unlike any other, Ray Walker left behind the life he knew in California to become a grand cru wine maker in Burgundy, France. Upon his returning to America he has again focused his attention on a centuries-old craft with Saint Cloud.

Ray’s great-great-grand father, Lewis Walker, fought in the Civil War for Kentucky’s “Company 48” Mounted Infantry, signing up for duty the same day that the battle of Gettysburg began. Lewis’ father, James, was in the War of 1812, a battle that saw the U.S. allied with France. James would become a Francophile, giving two of Lewis’ brothers French names, Napoleon Bonaparte Walker (a Union Soldier in the Civil war) and Lafayette Walker. Their other brother, Samuel Houston Walker was also in the Civil War, fighting for the Confederacy at the same time.